Can any pathology laboratory perform a RAS test?

Merck Serono is pleased to facilitate RAS testing for all mCRC patients only through NATA accredited quality providers. Please see a list of our current providers.

Now that RAS testing is funded by Medicare, are there additional steps for ordering tests?

The same process as KRAS MBS Reimbursement occurs. The patient’s medicare number and consent is required for the lab to claim the MBS benefit directly or the Dr signs on the patient’s behalf. If the Dr hasn’t signed on the patients behalf or the medicare claim information is incomplete the patient or hospital may receive an invoice for the test to be claimed.

Why do I have to fax or send a form to the testing pathology lab?

Only required if the doctor hasn’t consented patient and added the electronic signature on patients behalf.

If I submit a test when the patient is not present, will the test be delayed?

If the patient is not present at the time the test is ordered, it will not delay testing. You can now consent the patient for MBS purposes and add your electronic signature on the patient’s behalf, which removes the step of having to send. Alternatively, after submitting the request, the signatures do need to be obtained as soon as possible to ensure the testing laboratory can claim the rebate.

What happens once a RAS test is submitted?

Once submitted, an automatic request will be sent to both the testing laboratory and the originating laboratory to request the sample.

How do I see/track the results for a patient?

You will receive automatic emails when your test is submitted, when the testing laboratory has received the sample and when the test has been completed. The results will be faxed to you and the results will be online 48 hours later. You can also track the progress through the website, under the ‘My Patients” Tab.

Can I add a patient to the website whose test was not requested online?

A patient’s details can be added to the website by completing the same process you follow to request a new test. All details need to be added and submitted, the consultant will then need to call both the originating laboratory and the testing laboratory to let them know that this second test isn't required, it is purely to have access to the results on the website.

How do I allow or stop a colleague(s) from seeing my patient’s results?

In the "My Patients" section, you can click on a specific patient and add or remove a colleague’s access to your patient’s details. To add a colleague, they must be a registered user of the TTT website.

Can I share all of my patients or can I select particular patients?

You may select to share all of your patients or individual patients.

How can I request on behalf of a doctor?

Information to come

How can I add an electronic signature?

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Any other questions please contact Medical information?

Please visit the contact us page.